“Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime.” – H. Ward

(photo credited to Associated Press)

As Ashes Scatter

Pure embrace

of marrow dust

as time toils on

into the dark

and yet some shape

still remains

as longer shadows gather


they wait


lost in groaning dusk

until a wind defines again

this long love

as ashes scatter

© W.R.R. 5/13/2011


“I don’t want to be alone with these thoughts anymore … they’re heavy and they hurt to hold.” – @BlondeFacade  (Used with permission.)


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Some of the content here is not for everyone, as I am a survivor of parental abuse and the darkness creeps inexorably into my words. Yet my purpose is to share with others who may know this pain or have experienced a similar trial in their lives, and perhaps give them a measure of peace; if only in the knowledge that they are not alone.


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