Daily Archives: July 3, 2011


When I dream, I dream of you
and desires fire to distraction
there is no sweeter cup for me
than the draught of your untasted passion

Let me lift your body to my lips
and wreath it with my heated touch
I shall drink your love so deeply
then empty, I would fill you up

Wind my strength in yours, so tight
till breathing becomes labored
besotted with your merry wine
with ardent secrets flavored

Argent-tongued, a web I’d weave
to net you in it’s strands
silvered lines along your skin
to taste where lust demands

This vessel of precious, precocious wine
gently tugging with tongue and touch
I wish to drain and fill in time
till our passion overflows the cup


© W.R.R. 4/4/2002

Imagine Softly

By moonlight
to bathe, to love, to fly
I shall be your Ganymede
bringing rosewater and wine
and the love I give you
will set Polyhymnia singing


© W.R.R. 3/31/2002


One has come and taken your place
and I love her more than I love myself
though some might think that easy
if they knew me as you do
But this is such a careful dance of love
and I still burn from your wild fire
I have no dreams, only nightmares
but dreams would have you to drown in
and I must not fall again. I cannot
My sorrow is that the burns of your touch
are still so warm


© W.R.R. 11/18/2001


It sleeps within
the baby beast
awaiting its own appetite
I will not feed it blood I love
as was taken from my soul
spouted forth from severed vein
to stain my life with shame
Should it wake
the baby beast
eager to try its teeth
I shall cut it out of my heart
and let the meat be wasted
Better to go to early frost
than do as you did to me


© W.R.R. 9/7/1997

I Want

I want to know why
I am left to this game
I want to lie down and cry
I want to know how
you can feel just the same
and sit and smile
I want to know when
the pain will stop
I want to know if
you will take the same
I want to know why I can only cry
I want to know why I cannot die
Let me go… let me go letmego


© W.R.R. 10/09/1996

Landscape Of A Soul

The gate yaws wide
torn from stanchions
protecting nothing
But all of worth is plundered
dust lies softly in marauder’s footprints
Chiseled from stone, jeweled eyes
Blade scratches mar the words that are left
erasing epitaph, history, name
Howling wind streaming through broken stone
gives voice to the soul defiled


© W.R.R. 6/17/1996


Turgid water swirls
masking the song
of the monstrous teeth
No Scylia beside
to snatch the prey
just one choice left
Hungry and angry
gnashing of hope
nibbling on offerings
Just a taste of flesh and blood
leave it hungry
but it knows the food
will come again
and the offerings
they will be given again
It knows, it waits
impatient but assured
and laughter echoes
down the trickling drain


© W.R.R. 12/31/1995


Only named in my mind
little soul, little sister
I want you to be
but you cannot
Purged in fear
are you an angel now?
Please forgive… I have no say
Giving life, taking life: precarious
Will you smile for me
as I take your pain?
Hell awaits for the rest of us
My fault, your life
My shame, your death


© W.R.R. 12/24/1995


Home is where the heart is
crushed and torn
and paths to light are darkened
The weary road stretches out
endless and sharp
like the words of those who hurt
the words of those who heal
getting mixed up
what is pain and what is pleasure?
Animal need twisted into aberration
and left hanging, mute
in the charnel house of my mind


© W.R.R. 11/21/1995

The Watcher

Mysteries deepen in the attic boxes
but I cannot believe
It was years before I noticed the watcher
Aware of desires fired by She
I see their kindled flame, hidden
Invasion of open door, my head turns
to meet the stare
Mysteries cloud in blue eyes
Can it be as simple as that?
But I shall not lie down for you now
I have what is yours
and you have taken enough
of what is mine


© W.R.R. 11/6/1995

The Beast

Why must I be food for the Beast?
Pain as I am taken from mother
rag doll, dripping blood
in the teeth of the Beast
Tears cannot protect
Lies cannot conceal
I taste my own blood
Is it a thing he must have?
Today’s pain is buried
next to yesterday’s hopes
Their gravestones cover my mind
The teeth fasten in my soul again
If he took it all, would I die?
If I take it first, will I be free?


© W.R.R. 11/3/1995