Daily Archives: July 6, 2011


Whisper in the night
in guise of sounding cry
pierce night’s veil
witness souls gather unaware
Creeping chill besets
the voice cut short
from lips so cold
that frozen, shatter
White and sharp remains
rictus grin drained
of soft voice
of covering night
Wind through porous bone
the only whisper
that is left


© W.R.R. 3/3/2011


My mind wants to be Vlad Dracul
hacking back the enemy horde
and loving his princess forever
but my body is Oedipus
spiraling into horror
paternal hatred and maternal love
crushing, bone by bone
And my soul shrinks from touch
tilting at the windmills of fate
but my heart is Ophelia
and her raiment is wet


© W.R.R. 4/1/2003

I Refuse

No matter the masks you wear for me
it’s all the same old pain
and the salve you bear is burning my soul
as you sing that old refrain
What is the use to have you now?
Knowing that you only use?
Should I let you in to release my sin?
I refuse
Keep your distance, foolish child
I might strike as soon as kiss
There is no name for what was done
that left me here like this
And drowning in your narrow world
you can’t see what I would lose
to drown myself in love of you
I refuse


© W.R.R. 12/10/2003


Allow me in
and push away
yes, oh yes
and no
Evil painted needy sin
lick your lips and go
Take it
as salt drops fall
from eyes, from lips
shut the door
watch me crawl
stake my heart again
You want
I give
you take
I break
whirling in the wind
the rope hasn’t broken me
but the strands are getting thin


© W.R.R. 9/17/2003


My love for you eternal flows
renewed each day and deeper grows
pouring from heart like water falls
echo in heart like empty halls
I want you with me, forever twined
like two sweet strands of columbine


© W.R.R. 5/12/2002