Not So Long Ago

Blighted in darkening heart
one burning ash yet glows
on the sifting heap
of abandoned wishes
It curls, still eaten
by the fire
that denied us warmth
yet as swiftly as eye
tries to read words written
they flare and fall
tumbling down
There were always tomorrows
in life beyond life
but I forbade myself
to speak of them
I watch what is left
but no message
of final hopes
twines in fading smoke
as the whispers of others
usher the acrid memories
into mere air
to be blown away
into other hearts
some other fire
I strove beyond
my fractured strength
to keep the ash aglow
only to find
the hearth was empty
no matter how I swear it was
a blaze untamed
not so long ago


© W.R.R. 8/22/2011

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Bipolar & survivor of incest/child sex abuse and adult male rape; bisexual, polyamorist, poet/writer/advocate & married father of four. View all posts by W.R.R.

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