Deep within he sleeps
the little boy
who lives inside
bride of no price
son of the damned
nowhere left to hide
all dreams are dark
eyes squeezed tight
rock and sway, rock and sway
at heavy tread on stair again
no breath left to pray

please don’t cry
go to sleep sweet baby
if you wake
you will find
the nightmares
know your name

Push it down
refuse to see
hope it passes by
still out it creeps
most every night
to make that rending cry
dark little ghost
crawls closer, closer
bright eyes staring wide
father dropped the cradle
but baby never died

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 8/26/2011

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Bipolar & survivor of incest/child sex abuse and adult male rape; bisexual, polyamorist, poet/writer/advocate & married father of four. View all posts by W.R.R.

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