In The Silences

Your voice soothes
the wild blood
that would invite such ruin
and leads me to
a calmer place
a peace of sinew and mind
In these moments
lucid, wondering I
look into the world
and see as you see
clear, without the lens
of my past cruelty
that weighs my heart
like a stone
in a scale of injustice
Coursing through
the plane of the mind
empty of thought
free of care
or contrivance of pain
there are no ghosts
no whispers of the damned
to plague my spirit
or feed on my soul
for only your voice is here
speaking, laughing
a sound torn free
from the birthplace of joy
and in the silences
I hear you say my names
and you know them all
This, your gift
though unaware
of the giving
allows sweet rest
at last
and when I wake
if I am still
I may carry your peace
a small precious while

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 9/6/2011
For Adam Lambert

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Bipolar & survivor of incest/child sex abuse and adult male rape; bisexual, polyamorist, poet/writer/advocate & married father of four. View all posts by W.R.R.

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