We Are Not Alone

Soft laughter
cacophony of lives
gathered in anger
in love, in play
Into this a question falls
the words as gentle
as the wondering
behind them
the word
humbly asked
but you know
you are asking
for a secret glimpse
into a million wounds
Like the pin prick
releases a bead
of precious blood
answers like offerings
welled up
and the din fell quiet
as we became one
and spoke our pain
So soft, gentle
you joined us
no general kept apart
you shared your pain
and in moments
filled with trust and tears
we were one
shared fears and hurts
and the greatest gift:
to know that we are not alone


© W.R.R. 9/27/2011
For Adam Lambert

“@adamlambert: I wanna know something about you all. Strange question, but I find it healing to get things out in the open: What’s YOUR biggest insecurity?”

“@adamlambert: Wow we all have so many of the same hang ups. Sorta makes u feel better right? Helps a lot to just be upfront and honest the people u love.”

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