Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

I Will Be

Whisper to me
my heart will answer
miles are mist
to be parted by sighs
Wherever you go
I will be
a song in your heart
a light in your eye
for you are mine
Never free me
for like breath
I need


©W.R.R. 9/30/2011
For S.A.H.


Where winds cry
turn of leaf, close of eye
find me there in whole or part
hidden quiet, inside your heart


©W.R.R. 9/29/2011
For S.A.H.

Rather Be

Knocking, knocking
let me in
I need a place of shelter
I need a place to sin
Backdoor love
it’s just fine
got a need to give
the only thing that’s mine
Walk of shame
limp on home
rather be used
than be alone


© W.R.R. 9/4/1997