A Farther Shore

Fear, old enemy of peace
tireless, merciless
plagues the mind
drowns the spirit
No rest for those
beset by memories
of the wicked
that reach out of sleep
out of subconscious
to strip away all joy
In these times we must find
a light to guide
a farther shore
on which to gasp
to rest, to breathe
while the wild hate roars
unable for a time
to reach, to hurt
After, we rise
we face the storm
stronger than we were
This is a gift
called friendship
that has no price
only boundless reward
ever shifting
from one to the other
as are the burdens we share

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 12/13/2011
For Shar: you help me face the fears I can’t express, even to myself. You offer solutions, help me work through problems, help me learn how to face them on my own, too. You are a gift, a precious gift to all who love you.

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Bipolar & survivor of incest/child sex abuse and adult male rape; bisexual, polyamorist, poet/writer/advocate & married father of four. View all posts by W.R.R.

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