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Ebb and Flow

I watch
as cascading water
caresses my love
A ghost beyond the glass
mere shape
of sharpened lust
for the worship
of this flesh alone
this sacred fire
most base, most sublime
Divided from my soul
if it pleases
just to fill
and be filled
in a rain
of sweet droplets
as two
become one
For there is no love
no lust
in reflections of Heaven
or lost in swirling steams of Hell
that could match
what fires my blood
While in the deep places
ebb and flow
ebb and flow
This pull of desire
could steal the moon
from the ancient sea


© W.R.R. 2/13/12

Children Were Abused By Teachers, Mr. Fletcher

Citing this story via L.A. Now: “Miramonte teachers to file grievances after removal from school” at http://topicfire.com/share/Miramonte-teachers-to-file-grievances-after-removal-from-school-19241128.html , I have to make a point about the authorities who claim to have the best interests of our children at heart. As I see it, both the school district and the teachers’ union are in the wrong in more than one area in this news article; but the following statement from Warren Fletcher, president of United Teachers Los Angeles, is the one I found most disturbing:

“We resent it when the district does so, and we resent it when this community and these parents have their children’s education deeply disrupted for no other purpose than to deflect criticism from an administration that failed to do its job.” – Warren Fletcher

What is being argued about is the Los Angeles Unified School District’s removal of the entire teaching staff (besides the two teachers who were arrested for child sex abuse) and replacing them with all new teachers. I can sympathize with innocent teachers, but I don’t think it is too draconian to expect them all to be investigated to assure parents and the community that there aren’t any more pedophiles hiding amongst them. One would think they’d all want to be sure about that.

Yet Mr. Fletcher’s words above disturb me intensely. “Deeply disrupt education for no other purpose than to deflect criticism”…? Mr. Fletcher, parents removed their children from Miramonte in droves because they don’t want their children to be raped or otherwise abused by teachers and staff at the school. Whatever political fisticuffs you wish to engage in with the school district for its decision regarding your teachers, don’t try to imply that their removal was solely to play a blame game while “disrupting education” in the process. What has disrupted education, and probably grievously damaged the lives of the abused students, was the abuse they endured at the hands of two of your teachers, sir, as well as the threat of possible abuse to the thus far unharmed (we hope) majority of the students at that school.

One assumes you are an intelligent man, Mr. Fletcher; I bet the plaques on your wall say so. It would be encouraging to parents and community (and the world watching) if you cared more about the safety of children than the reputation of your union, while hiding behind a fabricated outrage at the “disruption of education”.

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 2/13/2012
For all survivors of any form of rape or abuse. You are not alone. Speak out. Find your path to healing.