Daily Archives: July 9, 2012

A Taut Strand Sings

I can feel the distance
lengthen between us
as you go away
arrhythmic stutter of heartbeat
curl of slick dread
deep inside
I feel the tenuous stretch
as fate and fortune
take you from me
In the stillness, I know
it is only for a little while
and you are thinking of me
the song in your heart
bares my name
I reach out into the gulf
now unafraid of it’s depth
to grasp the strand
that shudders between us
I hear your thoughts there
reclaiming words shared
Fingers touch, pluck the threads
to make the music
that my soul still sings
a song that bares your name
as you show me how
to learn to be myself
even by myself

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 7/9/2012

For Sharon, my friend and confidante, a stepping stone who gives so much of her time, caring heart, and gracious spirit to help me on my healing journey. She doesn’t lead the way, she walks at my side, keeping a pace I can manage. When I stumble, she helps me up. When I weep, she comforts me with her own tears, that soft gift of empathy wrapped in a strength that inspires me to keep trying, keep moving forward. Right now she is on a plane to another country. My gut twisted in fear, afraid to not be able to reach her at any moment. But she is teaching me about trust, and I know she will come back to me. She teaches me to trust myself, too. Now is my time to show her that her gifts are well spent – as I strive to be strong for her. Be safe, Shar.