Daily Archives: June 3, 2013

Sweet Smoke Rise

The unburied voices
old brittle echoes
of those who never grew older
they spin and strike
inside dark memory
growing detached
as faces and cries
Feel their loss again
as names never known
swirl like smoke
among the ruins
of I will nots
saturated with the stench
of being shown
over and over
the extinguished tiny candles
forced to watch the sweet smoke rise
No single face forms now
they conspire in the deep places
a cacophony chorus screams
from endless mouths
a blur of eyes accuse
as one they crawl
stunted blood path red behind
smeared by so many
tiny little feet
and grasping crimson hands

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 6/3/2013
For all survivors of any form of rape or abuse; you are not alone. Speak out. Find your path to healing.