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What If Beauty

What if beauty were acidic
burning as acid or fire
no cloth, no covering
could remain
What if beauty was so radiant
we didn’t need the sun
as glory such as this walked by
lighting the earth in its darkness
The world would change
shame of the body would fade
we would be like exotic flowers
blooming in the glow of the moon
This dream lifts me out of pain
with the sacred scent of flowers
that never did exist
Yet as I wake, I behold such beauty
that my eye waters in the light
Reach to touch, skin to skin
as I look in your beautiful eyes
I begin to burn

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 12/28/2012
For all survivors of any form of rape or abuse; you are not alone. Speak out. Find your path to healing.

Ebb and Flow

I watch
as cascading water
caresses my love
A ghost beyond the glass
mere shape
of sharpened lust
for the worship
of this flesh alone
this sacred fire
most base, most sublime
Divided from my soul
if it pleases
just to fill
and be filled
in a rain
of sweet droplets
as two
become one
For there is no love
no lust
in reflections of Heaven
or lost in swirling steams of Hell
that could match
what fires my blood
While in the deep places
ebb and flow
ebb and flow
This pull of desire
could steal the moon
from the ancient sea


© W.R.R. 2/13/12


Wind rustles leaves, tears them loose
to fall, afraid
caught by flowers’ embrace

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 11/17/2011
For S.A.H.


I have never seen the ocean
never stood upon its shore
yet if I could
I know I would
hear other than its ancient roar
As waves draw back
each set to curl
your voice would sound
in every round
each rushing spray and swirl
You are my sea
my ship, my embracing sand
touch each hollow
all tides I follow
to set my heart on saving land
Seabirds shall never join
my wind-torn echoing cry
by tempest tossed
too deep, too lost
for I am you, as you are I


© W.R.R. 11/4/2011
For Saint Vitus, my beloved.

If I Only Could

Gentle one, if I could
I would bring you to a bower
hidden from all else but us
I would give you myself
and take whatever you gave
and this sharing would be divine
To scent your spun-gold hair
to loose myself in blue eyes
to pull to me this beautiful one
this blessing to me
And I would give you my strength
my body, my mouth, my comfort
I would worship your bounty
and give you all pleasures
you might ever want or need
But I am weaving fantasy
for to touch you is a dream
that I would fear too much to do
and you have not said you would accept
But in this dream, I would kiss you
caress your supple skin, give you all
in the press of my weight
in your delicate, opening need


© W.R.R 3/30/2002


Willows part
as catkins bend
and open
giving secrets
petals flush with beads of dew
like pearls
of great price
Bend to touch
to taste
sweet nectar
delicate leaves shiver
beneath fingers
for quenched thirst
teasing tongue seeks
to lure the dew to rise
as pearlescent beads
on lips of want


© W.R.R. 6/30/2011
For S.A.H.

I Will Be

Whisper to me
my heart will answer
miles are mist
to be parted by sighs
Wherever you go
I will be
a song in your heart
a light in your eye
for you are mine
Never free me
for like breath
I need


©W.R.R. 9/30/2011
For S.A.H.


Where winds cry
turn of leaf, close of eye
find me there in whole or part
hidden quiet, inside your heart


©W.R.R. 9/29/2011
For S.A.H.

Dew Upon Roses

Let me catch your tears
for the morning is here
and the roses have no dew
It is a gift to them
to know true beauty
in touching one
such as you
Though bright with sadness
each glistening drop
shall dress their petals in glory
and as I bend to breathe
the delicate perfume
I shall recall you
in your colors, your softness
eclipsing nature
as dawn becomes day

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 9/12/2011
For S.A.H.