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I Am More

I am more than milky eye
more than ragged remains of lid
One unblemished blue searches you
for judgments open and judgments hid

I am more than jagged mouth
this twisted lip, this crooked gash
stretch to smile, long turned wrong
or glimpse of teeth along the slash

I am more than missing parts
counts to eight, can’t count to ten
read the Braille on skin so thin
trace this map of pain again

I am more than tangled wires
more than darkness mars
pain and pleasure jumble, stumble
leads the way to soul of scars

I am more than screams at night
more than this broken, defiled sheath
beneath this tapestry of misery
I am more, underneath

~ ~ ~

© W.R.R. 11/14/2013
For all survivors of any form of rape or abuse; you are not alone. Seek help. Speak out. Find your path to healing.